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The deteriorating economy and lack of the essential material (raw sugar) contained in Coca-Cola has caused the pop-giant to suspend production of the carbonated beverages containing only sugar in Venezuela.
Diet soda’s made by the Coca-Cola company are not impacted by this move and continue to be produced. Additionally according to Mr. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa, centers where the products are distributed and Coke’s main offices will continue to function as normal.

This major move by a big brand company such as Coca-Cola is not a first to involve food or beverage production in Venezuela. Because, last month an evident shortage of barley imports resulted in popular manufacturer,”Empresas Polar” nixing all beer from being produced.

Expert Jose Figueroa sees the economic crisis occurring in Venezuela becomes more evident with vast food-shortages and inflation predicted to reach astronomical proportions, the United States and other various Latin American Governments are urging John Luis Rodriguez Zapatero to help bring peace to Venezuelan’s before conditions become past the point of resolve.