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FreedomPop is offering light mobile users a plan that is likely too good to be true, virtually a free contract. The firm from LA is expanding into the UK and offering customers a new plan that includes 200 minutes, 200MBs of data, and 200 texts every month for free. In addition, if customers find that they need a bit more data to hold them over each month they can download coupons and complete third party surveys to earn additional allowances. The plan also allows family and friends to share their available data as well.

The LA firm has been serving the US customer base for the last three years on and has just about one million customers. Since the expansion to the UK market in May 250,000 UK customers have already signed up. The service can be easily accessed via a SIM card or the FreedomPop app. The app makes it easy for customers to keep track of where they are each month by tracking how many texts, minutes, and data they have left.

Light data users will find that the 200MBs per month is plenty as it is equivalent to 60 social media posts complete with photos, 1,000 emails, or five video views. Those that use more data have access to easy ways to earn it, such as offers that allow them to get 10MBs or up to 2.5GBs just for completing a ten minute survey. Plus, any data that is not used at the end of the month is rolled over into the next month’s allowance.

International phone users will enjoy the fact that all FreedomPop customers are assigned a virtual international phone number so that they can easily receive phone calls from other countries for free. The UK is the first market to receive access to the FreedomPop service outside of the US ,but the company has big plans for expansions with a goal to launch in seven more countries over the course of the next year. They also plan to offer budget handsets in the UK just in time for Christmas shopping.