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Julia Jackson was born in San Francisco in 1988. Ever since she was a little girl, she remembers her father making her and her siblings pick and sort the grapes that would be used in the family’s quality wines. The family did the work in extremely hot weather, while Jackson’s father explained the value of hard work. Julia says that her father wanted to make sure that his family appreciated their success and never forgot to put in the time and effort it took to achieve professional goals.

Julia also remembers always being interested in wine. Even as a young girl, she enjoy being surrounded with wine and learning about the winemaking process. During the summer and after school, shse worked at many of the Jackson family wineries, and formed a lifelong friendship with the French-speaking daughter of one of the vineyard employees. This friendship motivated Julia to learn more about French culture, and she ended up spending a summer in Bordeaux, where she was able to immerse herself in the process of French winemaking. She also became fluent in French and took a position teaching sixth-graders French while she was in college. Visit to know more about Julia.

Julia now works with the Jackson Family Wines international sales team. She helps to introduce the flavors and notes of wine varieties to a young generation of potential wine enthusiasts, and is happy to continue the family tradition of presenting a top-notch product to consumers.

Malini Saba is one of the world’s top female entrepreneurs and philanthropists who are of a South Asian origin. Ms. Malini Saba is the chairperson of Saban. Saban is a firm, which preserves a broad range of investment interests worldwide. Such investment interests are in the real estate industry in India and Australia, oil and gas in China and technology firms in the US. In this post, Malini talks about her numerous achievements and the drivers of her success.

Malini notes that she realized the notion of starting her own business when she wanted to make substantial investments in companies. Therefore, she established Saban, a company that is well known for holding numerous investments globally. When it comes to turning ideas into reality, Saba has always focused on the latest market trends and acted the exact opposite of the patterns. She says that for her to succeed in all her endeavors, she thinks of the future of our world in 3-5 years based on what people and the markets are doing today.

On the realization of the opening of India in the foremost part of the growth era, she decides to concentrate on the real estate market in the nation. She did the exact opposite of what many investors were doing: hesitating. She realized that the real estate market would only experience growth with the step-up of the middle class. Due to that reason, she made investments both in the retail and real estate sectors. Saba points out an increasingly positive growth of the investments over the last ten years, which is exceptional.

As the commodity market was developing in 2005, Malini Saba saw the prospects for a development of the product market in the same year. She also noted the necessity for the products and good and made significant investments in the void. Seemingly, it was not a walk in the park. However, her company managed to achieve exorbitant success. Currently, her company primarily operates iron ore mines. Additionally, the company has made notable investments in the Agro-field.

About Malini Saba

Malini Saba was born of a middle-class family in Sri Lanka. Her family was from a humble background in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She grew up in Australia. Later, Malini relocated to the United States at the age of 19. She started her life in the US with only $ 200 as her means of survival.

Philanthropic Works of Malini Saba
Malini has an intense passion for charity. She launched a non-profit foundation, Stree: Global Investment for Women, in 2001. The objective of the agency is to alter the way at-risk and low-income earning women, and children perceive the world, their status and role in the society.

Malini Saba is an entrepreneur, businessperson, philanthropist, and investor. Malina has made her fortune out of many ventures she has done during her career. Saba has invested in a wide range of sectors across the globe. In the United States, Malini has invested in technology companies which are currently doing very well businesswise. Apart from that, she has also invested in real estate and oil and gas in many regions of the globe.

The amount of cash she currently owns has allowed her to take part in a number of philanthropic activities which have been of help mainly to women. She has started a nonprofit organization meant to help those women earning minimum wage to be able to afford decent lives for themselves and their children. The entity is known as “Stree: Global Investments in Women.”

The organization is operating in Africa, Central America, Eastern Europe and India. Many women have been empowered through this organization. Apart from that, she has also been taking part in other philanthropic activities which include the donation of $1 million to start the Heart research center in her homeland South Asia.

People do not know where Saba’s investment journey started. In the early 1990s, she started as a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley where she invested in many startups. She invested in more than 20 Ventures and a number of them became very successful after some years. A number of the firms that were very successful include PayPal. This is a money transfer company which offer its service to clients all over the globe. EBay recently acquired the entity. She also invested in Netscreen Technologies which was later sold to Juniper for roughly $4 billion.

Being an entrepreneur Malini Saba has been studying the market thus, being in a better position of doing wise investments which offers outstanding cash flows in the future. She has primarily majored in the commodity market which although she admits it’s sometimes risky she has never given up and she is always search for the next big thing. Saba currently owns thousands of hectares of farms with rice. The market base of this foodstuff has been growing every single day all over the globe. This has been catalyzed by the increase in the number of people getting into the middle class. Apart from her career, she is also a mother who cares a lot about her family and the local community.