Desiree Perez Strikes a Chord in the Music Industry

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For more than two decades the growth of the business interests of rapper and media mogul, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter have been closely linked to those of executive, Desiree Perez. The decision-making and ability to make a deal of Desiree Perez have made her a powerful part of the Roc Nation family and the SC Enterprises team which preceded the formation of the record label and entertainment group. The music industry is often a male-dominated industry but the rise of executives such as Desiree Perez has led to a growing level of success and admiration for female executives across recent years.

A look back at the career of Desiree Perez shows the reader just why Jay-Z shows such respect to the executive he credits with creating the deal to form Roc Nation in 2008. Desiree Perez has always been known as a leading negotiator with a reputation to be feared in the music industry who feels she has the ability to create a better future for herself and the label through the skills she has developed as a business leader. Perez herself changed the future of the music industry by building the deal which would last for an initial ten years and be worth an estimated $100 million with Live Nation to launch Roc Nation; a second deal has now been signed with Live Nation which will again run for multiple years and continue the success of Roc Nation. To know more about her click here.

Desiree Perez has become one of the most respected figures in the entertainment industry who is capable of forging a strong career in almost any sector of the entertainment industry. The work Desiree Perez has completed with the artist, Rihanna has allowed her to cross into the movies and music industries and is joined by the growing influence she shows with the Roc Nation Sports talent agency.

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