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Herbalife Nutrition recently made a very grand announcement. Herbalife Nutrition is in the process of donating over 280,000 are their Protein Deluxe Bars. The Protein Deluxe Bars will make their way to a 120 blood donation centers (ran by Red Cross) all across the United States of America. This Herbalife Nutrition donation has become a nationwide event and is used to help the Red Cross with their disaster relief and blood drive support efforts.

The Protein Deluxe Bars have a retail value of $500,000 and Herbalife nutrition has made this donation for the fourth year in a row. In addition, Herbalife has extended their donation efforts for several decades as an aid to Red Cross humanitarian efforts.

The Protein Deluxe Bars will serve as a great nutritional alternative to the traditional cookie that’s given after a blood donation. Now post blood donation, the volunteers will get a nutritionally balanced snack that has 10 grams of carbohydrates and a high-grade source of protein to help replace what’s lost after their blood donation. In addition, the Protein Deluxe Bars are high in riboflavin which means that the volunteers will get a good dose of vitamin B6 and B2. The crucial benefits of the vitamins serve to help replenish red blood cells that deplete after a pint blood is given. The dark chocolate in the Protein Deluxe Bars serves as a good source of iron along other micronutrients that are crucial elements and must be replaced as well.

The Protein Deluxe bars by Herbalife Nutrition will also serve as a thank you to all of people who donate blood. The protein bars are a great way for people to re-acclimate to their normal, daily routines. The same applies to those who need to recharge after a physically intense workout.

The donation Herbalife makes doesn’t stop at the Protein Deluxe Bars, they also host blood drives at their company in a few locations across the United States of America. In addition, Herbalife Nutrition has help save over an estimated 25,000 lives with their efforts. Further, Herbalife Nutrition helps by promoting their blood drives to their employees as well as their independent distributors to take part in their efforts. Also, if Herbalife nutrition does not have a blood draw center at one of their locations, then they will direct the potential donor to one of the Red Cross donation center. It’s all about the community and giving back and expanding to make their efforts help more people.