Ibrahim AlHusseini and Sam Tabar Join Forces to Control International Waste

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When Ibrahim AlHusseini founded the FullCycle Energy Fund in 2013, his mission was to partner with an energy technology company to construct alternative power plants. The Fund accomplished its mission in March 2015, when AlHusseini selected Synova as a partner to build cost efficient waste-to-energy projects. AlHusseini has been an environmental advocate to control international waste for many years. He noticed there was serious problem in his homeland in the Middle East and in the United States. The landfills and oceans around the world contain enormous amount of plastic waste, which is causing harm to wildlife and human beings.

Ibrahim AlHusseini appointed Sam Tabar as the Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy in December 2015 to join forces to control global waste in communities. The energy investment fund will produce environmental safe power plants to process waste from landfills into clean energy. AlHusseini was interviewed by the National Observer in May 2015 and said that the new waste-to-energy power plants are unlike conventional incinerators used in communities for municipal waste. He explained that Synova plants process waste in a materials recovery facility. The facility removes objects and particles of rocks, metals and glass.

Sam Tabar announced through Twitter he will oversee construction and daily operations of Synova projects and report to founder, Ibrahim AlHusseini. Tabar has the experience and knowledge, as well as, investment management expertise to create market opportunities globally for Synova waste-to-energy plants. FullCycle Energy has the solution to creating clean energy by replacing traditional incineration plants with the latest technology by Synova. Synova developed a patented OLGA gas cleaning system that effectively removes contaminants in the gas after the material recovery facility treatment. The system also removes dust particles, sulfur, nitrogen compound, and tars.

OLGA processed syngas is used in fuels and chemicals for heating and electricity resources. Nothing goes to waste after the OLGA cleaning process. After the process is finished, there is approximately four percent of the waste that remains in an ash material. The ash remains are used for construction of roads and other usages. AlHusseini is a waste reduction advocate and is on a mission to contribute to reducing landfills over the world in developing communities.

Sam Tabar will help with managing and generating capital for Synova power plant projects. Synova will attract equity investment opportunities for FullCycle Energy Fund to receive higher rates of returns on invested capital. Alone with overseeing operations of the waste-to-energy plants, Tabar will also manage equity investments into Synova power plants.  Tabar still provides independent legal advice, and his GoFundMe campaign for AWI is still ongoing.