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Recently finance expert Jim Hunt released a new system that can greatly benefit investors. This new system is known as the Wealth Wave and provides investors with the opportunity to profit off of failing stocks. By putting together this system, Jim Hunt now makes it easy for anyone to experience a very high level of success in investing. According to Jim Hunt’s YouTube, the system is very similar to surfing in that once you find the right wave surfers can experience a very smooth ride down the ocean. In this case once an investor finds the right stock they can then hold it for a certain period of time and then eventually profit from it.

With Wealth Wave investors can get a comprehensive education through this system. The Wealth Wave system offers both DVD videos as well as live seminars on the web. By using Wealth Wave investors can watch DVD’s that will teach them the fundamentals of stocks and how to interpret charts. As a result they will have the ability to quickly and efficiently find investment opportunities that will be highly profitable. Using the seminars on the web will give them even more education and training to compliment the DVD videos. Therefore investors will get a comprehensive education on how to profit from the bear stock market.

VTA Publications is a finance and investment education company based in the United Kingdom. This company offers a number of courses that teach investors how to effectively invest in stocks and options. As well as teaching people how to invest in stocks, the company also offers courses on how to plan their retirement. Along with basic courses, the company offers live seminars for people to learn more about the material they are studying from the courses.  They also have free motivational articles, with tips and tricks of the trade.

The courses offered by VTA Publications include investing in stocks using charts, trading stock options and planning retirement. With the investing in stocks using charts course, people will learn how to analyze and interpret charts of stocks and then buy or sell ones that will result in high profits. The options trading course teaches people how to buy stock options that are profitable and sell them. Lastly the retirement planning course teaches people how to invest their money so that they can more easily retire within a reasonable time frame.