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Isabel dos Santos is a female leader for all women. She is an entrepreneur, has a successful business mentality, and is known as the richest woman in Africa. She has over twenty years of expertise in the business world. Isabel  has designed successful companies all over the world, especially in Africa. As a young girl, Isabel dos Santos began to sell chicken eggs for extra money.

Her love for business and hard work began to grow, as she attended Cobham Hall, a boarding school located in England. There, she studied science, and then went on to studying engineering at the University of London. Isabel dos Santos earned her bachelor’s degree from London, with a esphesis of science and engineering. When she finished her schooling, Dos Santos returned to her roots of Angola. She started working as an engineer and manager.

Isabel dos Santos has seen hard times and good times within her career, but she always has honored her father and mother, who have supported her and given her inspiration to become a businesswomen for her African community. Jose Eduardo dos Santos was her father, and he was the former president of Angola people (Affliatedork).

Isabel dos Santos is known to travel the world, speaking mainly for African peace and women rights. YAAPD stands for African Peace and Development, and the invitation was given to Isabel dos Santos for being a successful businesswoman, while trying to improve the condition of her community. The organization is hoping to engage others to improve the continent, but also to encourage the African and Angola societies.

Recently, Isabel dos Santos spoke at the UN Conference about equal rights for women. She began to campaign for more opportunities for women, including education, future and present employment, and ending discrimination. Her loyalty to women is true to heart, as she has recently created an agricultural strawberry farm in Uganda.

This was created with her own funds, in order to employ women, and currently 120 women are employed there. Isabel dos Santos is also an inspiration to Africa’s young women, while providing a light of hope, and helping young women to focus on their goals and education.

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