The flattering $20 jumpsuit women are racing to get their hands on

Australian women have fallen in love with a $20 jumpsuit from budget fashion retailer Best and Less. The chic outfit is available in sizes eight through to 26.

Book of the Week: Going on a Bain hunt

Ex-Herald legend Phil Taylor reviews a book on the Bain killings by ace reporter Martin van Beynen The most striking photo in Martin van Beynen’s book Black Hands is of the Bain family home on fire. It was a controlled burn of the scene of the crimes, apparently carried out due to security concerns. There’s both a surreal beauty and an awfulness to the image. Yellow-brown flames lick at the remains of the two-storey house at 65 Every St as...

Welcome to my home town: The Murder Triangle of Northern Ireland that’s found its feet

During lockdown, many of us made the pilgrimage back to our family homes – and rediscovered them through fresh eyes. Part guide, part love letter, “Home towns” is a new series in which we celebrate where we’re from. After all, it could be a while before we can go anywhere else… Before the Troubles began, Lurgan was a quiet, unassuming town – the kind of place people passed through on the way to somewhere else. It was best known for its curiously...

Whizz back in time with these vintage theme park images

Today's theme parks may be filled with titanic thrill rides and hi-tech attractions, but there's a certain charm about the amusements of yesteryear. From a British seaside park in the Roaring Twenties to the early days of Disney, we take a look at some nostalgic shots of our favorite theme parks.

12 Weighted Blankets the Internet Is Obsessed With

It's been a long year, okay?

Tanning beds increase risk of developing painful uterine condition in women - study

It's not just melanoma you may be putting yourself at risk of when seeking that golden tan.

The Eye of Providence: from religious symbol to Illuminati icon

The Eye of Providence, sometimes referred to as the "seeing eye," is an iconic logo that has come to be associated with the Illuminati, a secret group of elite individuals whom conspiracy theorists believe are trying to control global affairs. The human eye within a triangle is a favorite for conspiracy theorists for the simple fact that it appears everywhere. It is found on churches, in artwork, and even on the back of the US dollar bill. Although there is evidence that the Freemasons, upon whose teachings the original Illuminati based their work, did use the Eye of Providence as a symbol, in fact it was originally used as a religious symbol. Check out this gallery to learn about the true provenance of the Eye of Providence.

You won't believe these incredible places are on Earth

From pink lakes and green beaches to rockscapes that might be better placed on Mars, the Earth is full of surprises. Here, we've scoured the globe to find the natural wonders that could be from another planet.

5 Clever Tips for Decluttering the Kitchen Table

It happens as predictably as the sun rises. In the morning, our kitchen table is as clear as a bottle of cleaning vinegar. But as the day continues, things happen—meals are made and eaten; we go and we return, emptying our pockets of keys, coins, and hand sanny each time; my daughter Mimi’s toddler things seem to materialize out of thin air—a sippy cup here, a cardboard zebra there. By dinner time, our kitchen table is covered with bits and...

The Biba Retinol Meta Concentrate Is Dull Skin's Savior

Also known as retinol for people who can't use retinol.

Missguided is offering up to 30% off everything including Christmas gifts

Christmas shoppers can get 30% off several items at Missguided as the retailer continues its Black Friday offers

Chrissy Teigen Said She Just Took Her First Shower Since She Experienced Her Pregnancy Loss

"It has been a journey, and I’m happy to be back again."

Study: How white smokers benefited most from US anti-smoking efforts

Studying data spanning more than 25 years, researchers from Oregon State University have found racial and ethnic disparities in the effectiveness of anti-smoking measures in the USA. The analysis suggests that tobacco control efforts have disproportionately benefited white smokers compared to smokers of African-American, Asian or Hispanic origin. The research, published in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research, looked at cigarette use and the...

'It's too late': Eating disorder patients bearing the brunt of lack of resources, long waitlists - advocate

"If you have an eating disorder, you are sick enough - regardless of what stage you're at."

Ssense Enters the Lifestyle Game With 'Everything Else' Category

Get yours hands of Tata Harper, African Botanics, Maison Margiela and more.

From menstrual cups to reading lights: The 21 products that have changed our lives.

Here at Mamamia, we're all about working smarter, not harder. And while functionality isn't always at the forefront of our spending brains (please, we're only human), once or twice we find that special item that we'd buy 100 times over for the sheer value it adds to our lives.Side note: Here's what it's like shopping when you're in a relationship v.s. ... Continued

The Santa Claus facts you didn't know about

Sponsored: It's the Christmas Edition with a sweet treat thanks to Subway.

Why character skills are important for work

How will humans keep their competitive edge as technology takes over?

'Milestone' anti-ageing treatment restores sight in mice

Scientists said Wednesday they have restored sight in mice using a "milestone" treatment that returns cells to a more youthful state and could one day help treat glaucoma and other age-related diseases. The process offers the tantalising possibility of effectively turning back time at the cellular level, helping cells recover the ability to heal damage caused by injury, disease and age. "I'm excited about being able to rejuvenate organs and...

Declan Donnelly makes relatable confession about parenting daughter Isla with wife Ali Astall

I'm A Celebrity's Declan Donnelly has talked about becoming a parent to daughter Isla with his wife Ali Astall.

The Best Ways to Lose Weight for Good, Backed By Science

Maintaining your weight loss can be harder than losing it in the first place—but it's not impossible. These science-backed solutions will help keep it off.

REVEALED: The secret Sydney store where fashion lovers are flocking to

Fashion lovers are rushing to a secret clothes store in Sydney that is known for its stylish outfits at impossibly cheap prices. The store boasts hundreds of new and vintage outfits for under $25.

Chef uses hotel iron to cook up crème brulee, tacos and Teriyaki salmon

An innovative chef made use of his time during lockdown by creating a range of dishes using only the appliances that were to hand in his hotel room: an iron, coffee maker and kettle. Jago Randles, 23, from Cornwall, shared his unusual cooking videos on Tiktok after being forced to quarantine in Canada. From his room at Gec Granville Suites Hotel in Vancouver, Randles started his “Isolation Kitchen” channel, in which he manages to cook Teriyaki...

Alien hunting hot spots around the world

UFO and alien hot spots around the world, places with the highest number of UFO sightings, cities and areas that are the subject of alien conspiracy theories, crop circle locations, and top-secret facilities where people believe there is evidence of alien lifeforms.

All I Want For Christmas This Year Are Advent Calendars

I'm just a girl, standing in front of an advent calendar, asking for 2020 to be over.

Russell Watson says Vernon is 'exhausted from lack of food' after '5000 calorie' diet

Russell Watson has shed some light on how former campmate Vernon Kay is getting along, dishing that the star is struggling with what little food he gets in the I'm A Celeb camp

Katie Holmes shows off her stunning figure in new photo

Katie Holmes is keeping fit during the pandemic!

8 Best Breakfast Habits for Men, Say Dietitians

Starting your day right will set you up for success.

Mum reveals how she transformed the grout using two budget products

An Australian woman who hadn't cleaned her tile grout in more than a decade has shared how she transformed the dirty floor and made it look sparkling new.

Drake releases a line of candles, including one that smells like him

Drake has briefly focused his attention away from the music industry to release a line of scented candles. The line, called Better World Fragrance House, consists of five scents, with one of the candles smelling like the rapper himself. “Actually smells like Drake, it's the personal fragrance he wears, which inspired BWFH,” a description of the $80 candle on Revolve, where the line was released early access, reads. According to the description,...

Inside Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' 8-Year Marriage: 'Ups and Downs,' Parenthood, and Real Commitment

The couple and parents of three girls have purposely kept their relationship private.

How to tell if food has gone bad

Nobody likes to throw food away. But while we try to avoid this, sometimes food goes bad. Some foods have "best before" dates, which can help us make a decision on whether or not we should eat it. But this is not the case for every food, so here's an easy guide on how you can tell if food has gone bad. Click through the following gallery and learn to read the signs that your food has got to go!

Thirteen Lune Is the One-Stop-Shop For Your Favorite Black Beauty Brands

The new e-commerce site was founded by Nyakio Greico of Nyakio Beauty.

Russell Watson loses 20lbs as 'weight literally fell off' during I'm A Celebrity stint

I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! star Russell Watson has revealed that he lost a whopping 20lbs while appearing on the ITV show. The tenor's clothes don't fit anymore

The Undoing fans can book stays at the remote beach house where Grace hides out

Fans of drama The Undoing can book a stay at the same vintage remote beach house where Grace escapes from media scrutiny

Ask for a Hermès Piano This Holiday Season

You won't need private lessons to play this instrument.

'I swapped my 13-step skincare routine for just 3 products. It changed my skin completely.'

I know a good beauty #shelfie is all the rage right now, but have you ever taken a look at all your products and wondered how the hell you got here?This… all this… is legit what I put on my face every single day. Like… what the f***?Image: Supplied.I used to be the sort of girl who deliberately slept in her ... Continued

easyJet halves cabin baggage allowance

Britain's biggest budget airline is halving its cabin baggage allowance for passengers paying cheaper fares. From 10 February 2021, most easyJet passengers will be restricted to a small bag that fits under the seat in front. The airline says: "This will enable them to bring all the essentials for their journey or enough for a short trip.” The move follows Ryanair’s downsizing of hand luggage, but is even more drastic – because there is no option...

Salma Hayek reveals her red-hot Christmas outfit - and fans can't believe it

Frida actress Salma Hayek surprised fans when she revealed her red-hot Christmas outfit on Instagram and it wasn't what they were expecting

Drake announces Nike sub-label NOCTA collection debuting December 18

The 34-year-old Grammy winner's line of jackets, tracksuits, and gloves was two years in the making

10 ways you’re shortening the life of your phone

You may think keeping a phone constantly charged is a good thing – wrong! Learn the surprising ways you're shortening the life of your phone. The post 10 ways you’re shortening the life of your phone appeared first on Reader's Digest Australia.

Cannabis-based medicines with just CBD don't impair driving - study

The study also found the effects of THC wear off pretty quickly.

Why are certain foods only eaten at breakfast?

Bacon and eggs, cereal and milk, sausage and biscuits, toast and coffee... Are you thinking of breakfast? If you’re from the Western world, these are foods often reserved for the "most important meal of the day," with some restaurants going so far as to only sell them between certain hours. It's even made "All Day Breakfast" a tantalizing offer. But why is there a category of food reserved for the mornings, and who decided what that would be? There are a host of influences that have shaped the concept of breakfast, and you’d be surprised how many ideas of healthy breakfasts have been informed by marketing schemes. Click through for a look at how some foods became beloved breakfast staples, based on information from How Stuff Works.

These gravity-defying places will take your breath away

Teetering above the treetops – and in some cases, among the clouds – these precarious places balanced on cliffs and mountains seem to completely defy gravity. From clifftop castles and citadels to sky-high serpentine roads carved into steep slopes, click or scroll through to see 30 of the most perilous attractions on the planet.

Jane Moore stuns with post-lockdown hair transformation

Loose Women star Jane Moore has had a hair revamp

Harry Styles responds to criticism of his Vogue dress cover

Singer Harry Styles has broken his silence over the criticism he received for wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue, with a tongue-in-cheek message of his own. The former One Direction singer, who posed for the December cover of Vogue US in androgynous attire, including a dress, shared a picture of himself to Instagram with the caption: “bring back manly men", alongside a picture of him in a feminine light blue ruffled suit. Styles is eating his...

Incredible places that don't look like they're in the UK

You might be surprised to find these amazing places are right here in the UK. From quirky architectural wonders to unusual natural landscapes, here’s a selection of some jaw-dropping and secret scenic spots – best enjoyed by clicking on 'full screen' mode.

'Don’t be hung up on gourmet': Adam Liaw's guide to giving food for Christmas

Christmas is all about food. Many of us have probably started thinking of our Christmas menus already, or at least started to dream of chewy, cream-topped pavlovas. But food isn’t just for putting on the Christmas lunch table – it can go under the tree too. Here’s a few pointers on giving an edible gift this Christmas. Make something Homemade gifts of food are both economical and easy. My cousin makes a big batch of marmalade each year as gifts...

NHS hospital doctor turned up to work so drunk she needed to be treated in A&E

A colleague of Dr Sarka Bakalarova found that she was "10 or 11 times the legal limit" when she arrived for her shift at the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Bec Judd reveals the price tag of her favourite white sunglasses

She is known to enjoy finer things in life and has very expensive taste.