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When your company is engaged in wrongdoing, it is often difficult to speak out, if you are a worker. Those that do are often doing so despite risking job loss and even humiliation by those from the company looking to discredit their testimony. However, in order for wrongdoing on the part of companies to be exposed, it is often necessary for workers to speak out about it. If you are a whistleblower, it is essential for you to have an attorney that can back you up in the courtroom. Luckily, there is an excellent attorney that specializes in backing up whistleblowers in court. With a competent attorney, you may be able to protect yourself from job loss and other risks of being a whistleblower. If you have lost your job as a result of being a whistleblower, good legal representation can help you to get compensation for this, in a lot of cases. If the company faces large fines, you can be entitled to compensation simply for speaking out.

Labaton Sucharow Law, run by a very skilled lawyer by the name of Jordan A. Thomas, can help to defend you in court. This firm began offering legal services to whistleblowers that reported wrongdoing to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) after new laws were passed to protect the rights of whistleblowers. Labaton Sucharow Law can help you to get compensation for simply speaking out about wrongdoing, in some cases. In fact, due to new legislation, employees that report wrongdoing that results in more than a million dollars in fines for a company can have access to a sizable amount of compensation. This compensation can be quite sizable. In fact, it is possible to get anywhere between 10 and 30 percent of the amount the company was fined for.

In addition, new legislation has provided a significant amount of additional job protection for whistleblowers. This means that with the assistance of Labaton Sucharow Law, it is often possible to keep your job after becoming a whistleblower. Labaton Sucharow Law has a track record of success in defending whistleblowers. In many of the cases they have worked on, Labaton Sucharow has allowed their clients to both speak out about wrongdoing by their company and keep their job. Furthermore, the services provided by Labaton Sucharow tend to be very affordable. This makes them easily accessible for a wide range of whistleblowers.