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Startup businesses have a hard and long climb to achieve success, and the truth is that most fail within the first five years of operations. The truth is that entrepreneurial growth has been on a downhill slide for a long time.

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And while many entrepreneurs fail there are a small number of saavy startups that succeed and even go through the process more than once. One of these entrepreneurs is named Luke Lazarus.

Mr. Lazarus is one of these rare birds who makes almost any startup he touches a success. He has been an entrepreneur from a very young age, and quickly learned to start a business, expand it and sell it for profit.

His success and consistency demonstrates his skill in entrepreneurship, and shows us that it is not luck but skill that allows him to start a business, expand and sell on a consistent basis.

However, unlike other serial entrepreneurs, Luke Lazarus tired of making money with no emotional reward. So he has turned to teaching other people learn to build successful businesses.

Luke Lazarus Helps Other Business Owners

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Lazarus graduated with an MBA in Business from Melbourne Business School. After college, he created four companies.

By the time he was 35, Luke Lazarus was financially independent. But after selling for profit his last business, he decided money no longer drove his interest.

He decided instead to use his ability to help other people struggling with making a business profitable. He became a business consultant and developed a system to teach people how to sell, make emotional connections with customers, and more importantly, with stakeholders.

Lazarus Teaches Startups to Make Money

Luke Lazarus now helps dozen of other companies go from a struggling stage to a profitable IPO. Lazarus is direct and realistic. He confronts new entrepreneurs and points out their faults, their lack of knowledge in certain important areas.

Lazarus tells businesses where they need to improve and what they need to learn.

His most important contribution is teaching new businesses how to organize their operations, acounting and communications.

The purpose is to give the business organization and help them identify their financial needs. It is a process that helps a new company put all the pieces in place so that an angel investor or venture capitalist can become interested.

Lazarus explains that currently there is a huge difference between what entrepreneurs think about venture capital and the way it really works, and this is the biggest problem with small business ventures.

Achieving Success

Luke Lazarus has decades of experience and he uses it to help turn his clients’ companies around.

He equals a venture capital pitch to a college recruit highlight video. He says if you can’t get an investors attention in 30 seconds, you lose the deal.

Lazarus helps with branding and helps a company focus their purpose. For him its not about products and services, but it is about changing people’s lives.

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Lazarus helps a business create a connection with customers and with stakeholders. He also helps organize operations so that venture capitalists become interested in the startup.