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Luke Lazarus is considered the go-to guy when you can’t figure out how to progress forward in your start-up business. Luke comes up with a business plan that involves a story. He believes the story is the key to making his client’s business succeed.

Luke also makes sure his clients perform market research before they startup. He takes no chances and identifies the client’s segment market for them. He shows his client how to scrutinize the market and consider potential buyers.

Many businesses fail in a year. They often can’t cut it in the business world because of certain factors, and one of those factors deals with the current economy.

Despite the risk, some entrepreneurs are successful. They’re called serial entrepreneurs. Some grow so successful that they want to help others, and they use their knowledge to help others learn to handle the steep curve in business.

Luke Lazarus is one of the few serial entrepreneurs. Born in Melbourne, Australia, he started his first business at the young age of 8. In high school, he was a straight-A student all the while playing several sports. His talent grew by the time he attended college in Australia. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandleand Luke Lazarus | Medium

Offered a full scholarship in the United States, he didn’t take it, choosing instead to stay in Melbourne. Never one to do things easy, he didn’t just start one company but launch four in ten years. He sold these companies and by the time he was 35 was a millionaire.

Realizing he loved helping others start their own business, he decided he wanted to help others turned into super entrepreneurs like himself and dedicated his time to becoming a consultant. Some criticize Luke’s style, but he found his way of business work well for him.

Believing clients needed to be prepared for brutal honesty, Luke helped his clients shape their operation and books after noticing a trend that most entrepreneurs didn’t know how capitalism works. Luke showed his clients that they need to do more than talk if they want to attract investors.

Lazarus uses his experience and expertise to give his clients a sense of purpose. Companies grow because of Luke Lazarus, and they connect with stakeholders.

Luke Lazarus is a graduate of Melbourne business school. Earning an MBA at the age of 24, he sold four firms at 33. His typical morning starts with meditating, checking his email, walking his dog, checking his mental making-to-do-list, going to the gym.

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