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In recent news the food giant OSI Food Solutions acquired Rose Packing that merges a company of almost 100 years in the meatpacking industry into the top meat packing company in the country. Acquiring Rose Packing puts together over 200 years of experience in the industry and thus strengthens OSI food Solutions status in the market and the city of Chicago. Rose Packing was established back in 1924 in Barrington Illinois and operates a large processing plant of over 700 employees in Chicago. OSI Food Solutions purchase of Rose Packing and inheritance of the processing plant fits perfectly into their strategy of growth in the meatpacking industry. It is no surprise that this merger is such a perfect fit. OSI Food Solutions began in 1909 as a family meat market in Oakwood, Illinois by newly immigrated Otto Kolschowsky. Otto later expanded into a meat trading company, and his sons eventually grew the company into what it is today. Ray Kroc was very influential in the growth of OSI Food SOlutions as well. When he opened the first McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois he used Otto and Sons as his supplier of ground beef. THe roots of this company have always been back in the family meat market that Otto set opened up long ago to pursue his American dream. As the company goes forward with a growth mindset, acquiring smaller successful businesses like Rose Packing are likely and will benefit both companies involved. Their mission has always been to establish and foster great business relationships, and this acquisition just reaffirms that precedence. All of the employees and management of Rose Packing will continue working under the OSI umbrella. As OSI continues to grow into a global power in the meat industry, it important that they continue to show their local roots by bringing companies like Rose Packing under their leadership. The city of Chicago and Illinois are extremely lucky to have OSI right in their back yard. Click here to learn more