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Jon Urbana currently lives in the Denver area where he serves as a business professional to multiple functions serving the community. He is the Head of Business Development for Ellipse, USA, which is a privately held IPL and laser business provider.

Jon Urbana is a Villanova lacrosse player who founded a company by the name of Next Level Lacrosse with Lou Braun. He wanted to create an environment that would allow himself and professionals to continue with their skills and keep up with the competition. The camp allows players to build their specific skills and refine them amongst some of the best players in the game of Lacrosse. You can read more here.

Mr. Urbana is also a certified pilot who has been awarded the FAA Airmen Certification. The recognition is for pilots who have met or exceeded the higher education for pilots and have also completed a higher level of medical standards. Jon has completed both, and has also completed licensing established by the FAA. More information on John and his aviation information can be found here.

Jon Urbana has exceedingly expressed his concern and love for the environment. He grew up in one of the most beautiful states in the country, and wants to continue to keep it that way. He started a GoFundMe campaign for Earth Force where he’s placing his hopes and his passion into preserving and shaping the younger generation for a healthy environment. The fundraiser was inspired by the youth he has worked with at the Jon Urbana summer camp, and he would like to continue to spread the news for a cleaner, healthier environment by sharing the information about his campaign here.

He has many hobbies and one particular hobby that he loves happens to be photography. He has taken many pictures that show his talent with the camera. The quality and expertise in each well taken photo. You can find more information on his photos and his unique talent here.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon Urbana’s career has many different interest and many different business venues that he handles. He has worked very hard in getting at achieving his dreams while making the future youth and environment a better place to live.