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What Richard Liu Has Done for China

Richard Liu is a business man who rose to China’s elite class through diligence and hard work. Liu grew up in a working class family. After secondary school, Liu decided that he was going to go to university and study sociology. Liu soon learned that a career in politics was not going to get him to the places that he wanted to go, so he taught himself computer programming in order to give himself more opportunities in business. At a young age, Liu had a business mind. While he was in college, he got loans from friends and family and he opened a restaurant with his friend. Unfortunately, the restaurant did not succeed, but Liu did not relinquish his ambition. He opened a store where he sold optical products in 1998. Within just five years, Liu had opened more than 10 additional stores, and Liu’s company was grossing an average of 9 million dollars in revenue per year.

The Makings of

Liu Created an online version of his store in 2004. When he realized how successful this online version was, he decided that his company would sell various other items as well. Soon, was selling almost any item imaginable, and became the largest e-commerce company in China. Richard Liu wanted to get items out to clients in the fastest most efficient way possible. Liu also realized that a large number of his customers lived in rural areas, so it would be expensive and difficult for them to get the items that they wanted. In order to accommodate all customers, Liu decided to launch over 3200 pickup and location facilities. With his facilities, is available to two-thirds of all counties in the country of China, and JD customers are able to get their goods in a short period of time.

Richard Liu is a TrailBlazer

Liu is constantly looking for innovative solutions to company’s methods. Since JD specializes in delivery, logistics is always a concern. Liu was able to create his own national logistics company in order to streamline JD’s delivery process. took notice of JD’s logistics program, and in 2014, they switch their company to a similar logistics model. Liu is a man who is known for integrity and diligence, and that is the reason why continues to show steady growth.

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