Rick Cofer Wants New Considerations For Juvenile Offenders

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While the idea of rehabilitation of sex offenders is a sensitive one, Rick Cofer of Rick Cofer Law believes that more consideration needs to be taken for each case when it comes to juvenile offenders. While punishment is certainly an important part of the justice system and the sentences they have handed down, it’s important to remember that rehabilitation is supposed to be the case if they are not scheduled to serve life. One of the issues that many believe impacts the success of this is determined sentences that limit an offender’s ability to be rehabilitated due to unwavering time frames. When an offender knows that their actions cannot lead to a shorter sentence, they may not be as willing to positively participate in order to prevent reoffending in the future. This defeats the entire purpose of rehabilitation.

At Rick Cofer Law, they have seen many of their own clients struggling with the idea of determined sentencing for their crimes. While the interest of public safety is always the top concern, many believe that these unbending guidelines are not serving the public as well as they could. Many juvenile offenders find themselves victims of the system themselves who were not given the opportunities that they needed to succeed. In many cases, parents need to be held accountable for failing to meet the responsibilities they have for the children that they are supposed to be taking care of. These are all things that Rick Cofer believes need to be accounted for when creating sentences for offenders who are still underage.

With rehabilitation being the key, Rick Cofer points out that most states have a low recidivism rate when it comes to adult sexual offenders. With the proper efforts, juveniles may be even less likely to re-offend. This is something that is backed up by studies showing that they have had a good deal of success with different programs designed to rehabilitate youthful offenders. With the possibility of having to register on a sex offender registry for several years as an adult looming, many offenders could potentially see great results knowing that there was a possibility to avoid this outcome.