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Rick Shinto is the capable Chief Executive Officer as well as President of InnovaCare Health. InnovaCare Health is a very integrated company that specializes in healthcare. Rick Shinto has over 25 years of clinical and healthcare experience in managed care, and he is known for being very innovative. He is the CEO of InnovaCare’s subsidiaries through MMM Holdings in Puerto Rico. This also includes MMM Healthcare which is the largest Medicare Advantage plan on the island and manages over 250,000 patients.


Rick Shinto was CEO and President if Aveta Inc. from 2008 until 2012 when it was sold. He also worked with NAMM California and was CMO for Medical Pathways management Company. He was chosen to serve on the board of directors for AHIP, also known as America’s Health Insurance Plans. At America’s Physician Groups he was also on the board of directors. America’s Physician Groups is a leading association that represents organizations practicing the implemented care model. He has also served on other boards. You can visit monster.com



He is the author of various articles on health care and clinical medicine and the recipient of the coveted Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award. He obtained his B.S. from the University of California and from the University of Redlands he obtained his M.B.A.


InnovaCare Health is an innovative company that provides quality care to his patients. They are progressive and value-based and has unmatched expertise. They have over 120 years of experience in the delivery of managed care and consist of experts who help healthcare organization set the bar high and then follow through. InnovaCare Health Surpasses the expectations of the healthcare industry, and their value-based model helps them to achieve the desired results that they are seeking out. You can visit danielestraus.org



InnovaCare Health was founded in 1998 by President and CEO, Rick Shinto. He recognized the great need for great expertise among physicians as well as payers, and he worked hard with NAMM to greatly improve the quality of care that patients receive. NAMM partnered with The Straus Group in 2003 and with Daniel E. Straus, an entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Over the course of eight years the company grew into what it is known as today-an innovative company that is able to keep up with the demands of the healthcare market. Once the management team sold their properties of NAMM in December 2012, they were officially known as InnovaCare Health.



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