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If you are looking for a business model for your startup business, the one created by Rona Borre would be a good one to follow. She is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance, a Chicago staffing and recruiting firm that has set just about every growth and production record there is on the books.

Borre doesn’t waste any time wondering what to do next. She focuses on the path to results and works very hard doing just those things that will bring results. Too many people get involved with the minutia, and she says that if she specializes she will achieve the results that matter and the minutia will always be there anyway. Related article on

The primary reason for the success of Instant Alliance is the focus that is placed on hiring mainly financial and technological professionals because these types of people are always in demand. Companies which are wanting to grow will always need financing and technological skills to keep track of everything if they are to make it to the next level.  For more of Instant Alliance and Borre, visit

Borre spends a great deal of time getting to know the leadership team at the hiring company too. She wants to know everything about how they think, work, and what type of individual they want to hire. The new candidate must fit into the organization, or it won’t be a successful placement.

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This system works well as there is only a one percent falloff rate of new hires since Instant Alliance was started as a company.

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