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Making the choice to live a healthier life is something that we all want to do. While we would all love to live a happier, healthier life, it is a difficult thing to start doing. We must consciously decide to give up our bad habits and replace them with things that can change our lives for the better.

Since September is Self Improvement Month, this is the time when we should start our change. There is no reason to wait until the new year when you can start today. Prevagen has some great tips to help you change your life for the better.

Drink a Healthy Bloody Mary

If you enjoy having a drink each day you can indulge in a drink that tastes like your favorite cocktail, without poisoning your body with the actual alcohol. If you like the taste of a traditional Bloody Mary you can enjoy a drink and skip out of the alcohol.

Removing the alcohol from this drink allows you to reduce the number of calories in the drink and make it much healthier for your body and mind.

To make this non-alcoholic version of the classic drink you need the Bloody Mary mix, pepper, celery, blue cheese olives, rosemary, garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce, and tabasco sauce.

In your blender, you should add the Bloody Mary mix, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, and a hint of both pepper and garlic powder. You can then pour this mixture in your cup and add the remaining ingredients for garnish.

This mixed drink is a great healthy drink because it includes both fruits and vegetables. Adding Tabasco sauce to your drink also allows you to add some spice to your diet, which has been known to increase metabolism. Increasing your metabolism by adding more spicy foods to your diet can help you lose weight and feel healthier.

Make A Kombucha Cranberry Mocktail

Another great alternative to traditional cocktails with alcohol is this drink. The kombucha in this drink contains many B vitamins, which are great for your health. Vitamin B helps your body regulate your metabolism. Read more: Prevagan Improves Memory and Regular Strength | CVS and Prevagan Regular Strength Capsules | Walgreens

It is a natural way to help you lose weight and help your body metabolize the things that it eats, without using drugs. It can also help give you more energy throughout the day.

To make this drink you need rosemary, two 12 ounce bottles of Kombucha, ginger, cranberries, and cranberry juice. Mix all of these ingredients to enjoy a fresh, healthy drink that you know is helping your body. This should make four drinks that you can enjoy over time or with friends.

Take Prevagen To Improve Memory

If you are looking for other ways to improve your health you can also try taking Prevagen. Prevagen has been known to improve memory. When your memory is improved you often feel better about yourself, have more energy, and have higher self-esteem that can lead to a happier, healthier life.

You should start the path to self-improvement as soon as possible so that you can live the life you have always wanted.

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