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     Shiraz Boghani is most well known as being part of the group that founded Sussex Health Care and as being a Splendid Hospitality Group Chairman. Boghani is native to Kenya but immigrated to the United Kingdom in 1969 when he was a young man. His first job was at Chartered Accountants, a relatively small firm where he was able to train and gain experience as an accountant. Later on he moved on to a company known at the time as Thomson McLintock & Co, but is now called KPMG. Boghani continued to work his way up the corporate ladder, learning everything he could before moving on. This tactic has caused him to become an innovative businessman and had led to success in the majority of his business ventures.

One of his most prosperous ventures have been within the hospitality industry, where Shiraz Boghani has gained three decades of experience. In the United Kingdom alone he has nineteen hotels and was one of the first hotel owners to offer the option of limited service hotels. His attention to detail, dynamic entrepreneurial decisions and passion for the industry have earned Boghani several awards. The most recent award was in 2016 when he was designated the “Hotelier of the Year” at the Asian Business Awards.

Aside from his hotels Shiraz Boghani also manages a large portion of Sussex Health Care. The company was began in 1985 with one care home and has since grown to have eighteen care homes each housing over five-hundred beds. Sussex Health Care is independently run by a management team and professionals in the fields of medicine and hospitality, aspects that Boghani made sure of. In 2002 the Health Quality Service accredited Sussex Health Care. Only a year later the company earned the standard of the Investors In People. This made Sussex Health Care one of the few care homes to have dual accreditations.

Shiraz Boghani and the other founders of Sussex Health Care continue to make sure that the people that come to use their care homes have every comfort available to them. They understand that healing from an injury is not just physical or mental, but a combination of the two. At Sussex Health Care there are several of single activities or program list for patients to engage in depending on what they and their medical advisor thinks will help them the most. This activities are used as a form of physical exercise as well as a way to keep those recovering interested and stimulated. Sussex Health Care has seen much success in its patient by using this method.