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In result of the interview from CEOCFO with Sujit Choudhry we learned many valuable things about him personally and The Center for Constitutional Transitions, which makes knowledge available in regards to constitution construction. This center focuses on bringing together global experts to create documentation of administrative options. They provide this information to an international group of organizations to help resolve constitutional issues.

Sujit Choudhry has spent many years studying, writing and re-writing different constitutions from around the globe. Through this experience he learned that many documents and records used to clarify these constitutional changes were outdated, extremely limited or didn’t exist. He was driven to establish this organization to resolve the issues of not having proof to aid the changes being made. Refer to for additional articles.

Sujit Choudhry is an immigrant that has the ability to practice law in three different countries. He received his degrees from Harvard, Oxford and Toronto. His parents made it clear from an early age the importance of higher learning. Check this on

His experience comparing information between countries and countries of our past has never been more important. Our country is experiencing drastic changes and to ensure a graceful transition we need his knowledge to assist us.

Thanks to his opportunities to travel the globe and get to understand the workings of so many countries he is able to view and understand that there are quite a variety of perspectives in the world. We don’t always understand how someone see’s something, but he is able to completely immerse himself in the experience and gain knowledge from it. For a related article, try clicking

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Choudhry suggests one of the biggest keys to success is the idea of constant reinvention. Allowing failures or disappointments to pass so that you can learn from it and then create something greater. Choudhry suggests that if there was a way to create an organization that compared and analyzed constitutional law around the globe it would change the way our world works for the greater. Bringing people together of different backgrounds is always positive as it allows for greater open mindedness. For a glimpse of an important interview with Sujit, click

In the fall we can expect Sujit Choudhry to release multiple thematic collaborative research projects that he has been working on.

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