Sunday Riley unveils “Good Genes” Limited Edition Captain Marvel packaging

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Sunday Riley has no doubt created a cult following in the social media community, with incredible products such as “Good Genes” and “Luna”, it’s no wonder why Sunday Riley has caught the attention of big name brands such as Sephora. Sunday Riley first caught our attention after people began raving about its potent skin-improving formulas and amazing eye-catching packaging since then, thousands have been able to experience the incredible variety of products by Sunday Riley.

One of Sunday Riley’s most popular products lately has been “Good Genes”, an All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment, and apparently, the demand for this product has been so overwhelming that Sunday Riley recently came out with a Captain Marvel version of “Good Genes”. This limited edition Marvel-inspired packaging version of the “Good Genes” will feature a head portrait of the actress playing Captain Marvel Brie Larson on the front of the box and the emblem of Captain Marvel on the bottle itself. Just to be clear, only the packaging has been altered, everything within the bottle will remain the same.

Although hardcore fans of Captain Marvel will no doubt run to their nearest Sephora to pick up this limited edition bottle, first let’s talk about the amazing product within the bottle. So, what makes “Good Genes” better than the rest? It simply has to do with its inclusion of the exfoliant lactic acid. When this acid is included within skin care products the effects of it leaves the person with more smoother and better-looking skin. So, if your usual face scrub is looking to be a little too harsh on your skin, we highly recommend getting yourself “Good Genes”, trust us, you’ll see and feel the difference immediately.

The gentle scrub of your face is not the only thing “Good Genes” is revered for, in fact, additional ingredients including licorice and lemongrass have been applauded by customers for leaving them with an even out skin tone as well as unclogging their pores. The limited edition bottle will be available at Sephora as of March 5th, so go watch the movie and then head to Sephora to get your own bottle before they fly off the shelves.