S’Well Water Bottle a Fairy-Tale Story?

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The story of the creation and success of the S’Well water bottle is truly of fairy-tale quality. This story starts with multiple problems ranging from the environment to utilitarian design, but it ends with an outstanding solution. That solution is the S’Well water bottle. The original story of the S’Well Water bottle was told by the Fast Company who is an environmentally conscious hip website offering a great deal of insight. Their recap of this story is truly inspirational for any budding designer or entrepreneur.

Fast Company starts off their story with the inspiration behind the S’Well water bottle and the problems disposable water bottles posed. To showcase these points, they interviewed designer Sarah Krauss directly to uncover that inspiration. It turns out it wasn’t a sleek design or the prospect of being in 3300 Starbucks that motivated her, it was improving the environment. The great part about this story is that improving the environment was achieved through a sleek design. You see no one wanted to carry around an ugly reusable water bottle so to change that perception, Sarah, designed S’Well.

Many people do not get to see, hear, or read how great ideas for products come about in the consumer marketplace. But the Fast Company delivered with their original article about the creation of the S’Well water bottle by Sarah Kauss. This article truly showed how an individual successfully solved several complex consumer problems with one sleek innovative solution.