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Any person that was born during the mid – eighties to the late nineties has probably registered with an online dating service. These sites represent the new way that men and women interact with each other. Yes, people still meet each other out in public.

However, the vast majority of them have probably had some type of online connection or communication before they met face to face. Dating is a social factor that has changed tremendously over the past 10 years. The internet has now brought millions of people together. A person’s chances for finding a long-lasting relationship has dramatically increased because of this medium.

Whitney Wolfe Herd understands those facts. She is the founder of Bumble which is an online dating site that is taking the world by storm. Wolfe was a key figure for another dating site called Tinder. This is a huge online dating outlet that is considered one of the best around. When Wolfe worked for Tinder she was in charge of marketing the product.

Wolfe’s success at Tinder was eventually overshadowed by gender discrimination and sexual harassment. This beautiful and successful woman had to endure some things that she would rather forget. She ended up winning a huge settlement for troubles. Shortly after she was awarded her settlement money she started Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe married her husband Michael Herd late in 2017. Mr. Herd was instrumental to helping get Bumble off the ground. At first, Mrs. Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted to make an all-female social network called Merci. She needed some serious funding to get this project started. She then went to the CEO of Badoo for help.

Badoo’s CEO told Wolfe to come up with a dating site that catered to women. Wolfe was reluctant but when Michael heard the offer; he convinced his wife to take the deal. Whitney then realized that Bumble was going to be a good thing and couldn’t wait to launch the site. Whitney Wolfe is now leading one of the best dating sites in the world today. This outfit has a net worth that is close to a billion dollars. People everywhere are hearing about Bumble. Even if they are not aware of this dating site, Bumble is impacting society on many different levels. The world of dating is changing and Bumble is at the forefront of this new revolution.

Whitney Wolfe’s  Social Media: twitter.com/whitwolfeherd?lang=en