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Anthony Vega recently published an article on the Weekly Opinion website titled “Renew Youth Weighs In: Why Drinking Alcohol Can Make Menopausal Weight Gain Worse.” The article indicates the ways alcohol can wreak havoc on the metabolic system, particularly for women who are entering into their menopausal years. Many women who are in menopause see significant weight gain in their thighs, hips, and belly. However, they are often dumbfounded about the reasons why, particularly when they maintain the same diet and exercise regimen.

Renew Youth has been a trusted health provider of care for menopause for the past two decades and they reveal that alcohol can have an impact on weight gain, particularly during the menopausal years. Renew Youth suggests that alcohol causes a disruption in the metabolic function. Not only is alcohol empty of nutritional value, but it will often come with mixers that are full of sugar. Drinking also encourages you to make poor food choices because it can impair judgment. It also disturbs your ability to tell that you are full.

Health experts believe that women need to decrease the amount of alcohol they consume. Those who drink moderately may see a decrease in risk for diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and even stroke. However, those who drink heavily such as more than three drinks in a day or more than seven drinks each week may see an increase in health risks. They can cause serious damage to their liver, nerves, and brain while also being more at risk for osteoporosis and cancer. They are also more prone to gaining weight in their belly area, causing an increase in risk for heart disease. Renew Youth ensures that if you are careful to drink in moderation and drink alcohol that is lower in calories like red wine or gin and soda, you won’t have to worry about alcohol changing your metabolism too much.

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