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If you are looking for the top leaders in the food industry, you should make sure that you do a though job of researching what companies are now on America’s top 100 Food Companies list. Since some companies are supplying the needs of restaurants and a wide host of fast food facilities, it is not uncommon for the largest companies to service national and global customers too. This is especially the case for corporations like the OSI Group since they are catering to the needs of others in the U.S. and as far away as Europe.

Meeting High Standards and – Vendor Resources

It is also important to note, that OSI is committed to supplying customers with the best products and services possible. So, the products that they are responsible for producing are also being sourced from the top and most coveted suppliers in this industry. With their standards being high, the food vendors that are being used must meet certain high top quality standard as well. As a result, with their customer base currently in at least 17 countries to date, the list of vendor resources is quite lengthy and extensive.

With this in mind, here are some recent activities that OSI Group has engaged in within the last few years. Many of which are strategically added to make sure that they are meeting and exceeding their company’s Fresh food quality goals.

MPO (Meat, Poultry & Other) — Opened in 2013

With OSI Group constantly branching out into areas across the globe, it has had to deal with a global trading opening in Germany. With this platform, this food supply organization has access to various kinds of other fresh food products including meat, poultry and seafood like black tiger shrimp, parrotfish-fillet, vannamei shrimp and other delicacies that can only be found in South America and Asia. With these region-specific delicacies, OSI has easy access to international market trade platforms.

Beef integration to the UK and OSI expansions — Joint Venture in 2014

In a joint venture with Pickstock, OSI Group is joining forces with a UK based supplier. With this new partnership, OSI will have easy access to the highest quality beef in Europe. Also, with these joint efforts and partnership, OSI can expect additional opportunities to more global expansions within their operations.

OSI Group Acquires a Stake in Bahoo Foods in 2016

While some people may associate OS with meat and poultry only, it is important to note that their responsibilities have changed quite drastically over the years. Aside from the company officials making sure the company has immediate access to fresh meats, poultry, and seafood, there is another sector of this business that has been opened up too. In this case, OSI has also acquired a stake in a Dutch company by the name of Bahoo Foods. Bahoo Food’s acquisition is meant to usher OSI into the deli meat market. So, the company also has access to a wide range of fresh deli meats that they are being used to complement their current processing needs.

About OSI Group: beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/03083661