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Toyo Setal is a company based in Brazil that implements industrial enterprises. Their business is focused on the production and development of highly complex projects. All of their customers are offered strategic planning, innovation, values, and only the best-qualified professionals to give them the most comprehensive service solutions. Recently the company won a bid to complete the construction works of the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex or COMPERJ. Winning the bid was important for Toyo Setal so they could collaborate with Petrobras which is their largest customer.

Since their customer’s work had come to a standstill before they bid on it Toyo Setal sent in specialists to evaluate what had already been done and decide on the work needed to get the project completed. Petrobas in Brazil had been economically challenged leaving them with a small project portfolio. Now with Toyo Setal stepping in, they will be able to finally finish this complex project. The best thing is that this project will generate thousands of new jobs for people in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and will also contribute to the local economic recovery. So the project will benefit many different needs. To know more about the company click here.

Toyo Setal has a team of experienced specialists that are committed to focus on productivity, company goals, and guidelines. They are ready to step in and do all that they can to help Petrobas realize their project completion. The main idea of this project is to extract oil and gas from pre-salt superfields and get them processed. They have relocated to a refinery that has the ability to produce many thousands of barrels of oil products like gasoline and diesel per day. Therefore this will be a mutual job undertaking by both companies for the good of their own individual needs and for the good of their country.