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 In the past, most people in the United States have not had a choice when seeking an energy company to get their power from. They usually had to take whatever service they could get because there weren’t multiple options available. Agera Energy is an energy company that is looking to change this. The company knows that too many people open their power bill every month to discover that their rates have fluctuated. This depends on the time of month and how an individual customer uses their energy.

Agera Energy knows that most consumers in the U.S. believe there is nothing that can be done about the cost of their energy bill. The truth is that, today, there is competition, and this is beneficial for the consumer. Agera Energy is in business to help people all over the nation make better decisions related to the way they use their energy. When a state chooses energy deregulation, it allows more energy companies to compete with each other, and this is where Agera usually comes in.

Agera was founded in 2014, and many of its customers have been pleasantly surprised that the company offers plans that are good for the environment. Its pure wind plan and product is available to customers who would like to support renewable energy. The company offers business plans and residential plans and allows people to purchase renewable energy certificates, which authentic where the power originated from. As energy deregulation expands, Agera Energy will be able to do business in new states, and this will only be to the benefit of the consumer.

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