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Litigation is when two or more groups or individuals (parties) are entangled within a legal disagreement where the parties wish to be compensated with a sum of money or a certain action/s instead of criminal penalties or custody. A litigator is a lawyer who is legally qualified to represent any of the parties at a courtroom in the presence of a judge or legal administrator. To become a litigator, an individual must fulfill some educational requirements. Litigators must first earn a credited Bachelor’s Degree. They must then complete a degree in law from a recognized law school. Finally, a litigator must be licensed to practice within the legal field. The license is permitted after passing a bar exam.

Litigation Process

The litigation process involves investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal. First of all, litigators conduct pre-claimed investigations where they may interview witnesses, gather evidence, prepare related notes, etc. The, on behalf of plaintiffs, litigators usually draft pleadings. From the defense’ side, litigators investigate complaints and create responses against them. For discovery, litigators assist attorneys with research and drafts and organizations, basically so that more can be learned about the case. In the pre-trial phase, litigators act as a communication link between the teams on trial and third parties.

During trials, litigators assist attorneys with maintaining important case related documents. They also help the court select jury members. During settlement litigators often handle settlement papers and deal with the proposed negotiations. Litigators are most helpful in identifying flaws or weaknesses in previous case verdicts during the appeal phase.

Karl Heideck – An Attorney with Specialization in Litigation

Karl Heideck Specializes in Litigation

Karl Heideck Litigation Expert

Karl Heideck is an expert attorney with specialization in legal areas of litigation, risk management review and compliance. Karl Heideck’s legal career had begun at the Greater Philadelphia Area. At a period of 8 months from January 2010 to August 2010, Heideck was an Associate at Conrad O’Brien. He began developing an experience in commercial litigation and complex litigation by representing esteemed corporate clients and noted figures. For three years and seven months since October 2010, Heideck served as the Project Attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP. There, he had developed into a comprehensive, detailed oriented, exclusive quality control specialist.

It has been one year and ten months since Karl Heideck has moved to Wilmington, Delaware in the April of 2015. There, he is pursuing his current position as a Contract Attorney at Hire Counsel.

At his current role, Karl Heideck supervises discovery materials for banking related litigation involving securities, frauds, liquidity statuses, risk evaluations, acquisitions, and transactions.

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