The UK’s Allied Wallet Aligns Itself With WeChat Pay, The Largest Mobile Payment Firm In The World

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Allied Wallet is a merchant services and credit card processing firm. It’s a global firm that was founded in 2002 by Andy Khawaja, it’s chief executive officer. Allied Wallet is headquartered in London. Andy Khawaja is committed to making sure his company remains at the forefront of the payments industry. His company offers a flexible and secure way to pay for things (USmoney2020). 

They have built artificial intelligence technology. They have a number of payment processing solutions available to merchants of any size. All sorts of merchants now use Allied Wallet such as grocery stores, restaurants, car rental firms, and hotels. One of the markets that the company has recently been making a number of moves is China. The Chinese mobile payments industry is currently valued at $16 trillion. For Allied Wallet, the main player is WeChat Pay which has nearly one billion users. The next biggest competitor in the industry is Alibaba which has half as many. 

For perspective, Apple Pay has just over 125 million users around the world.

Allied Wallet is now partnered with WeChat Pay. People can take the money in their WeChat Pay account and use it to fund their Allied Wallet eWallet account. The money in their eWallet can be used on e-commerce sites, in physical stores, and transferred to other people with their own eWallet account.

WeChat Pay is seen as a company that could become a global player. Vice Chairman Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway, for instance, said he views them as huge competitors for the American financial firms America Express, Visa, and Mastercard. The executive team at WeChat Pay is looking to expand into the United States, especially places that are popular with Chinese tourists.

The Allied Wallet mobile app is designed to be very simple to use while also being flexible. Every transaction is encrypted and uses the latest payment processing technology to make sure they are secure. This includes PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance and SHA-256 Encrypted methods. They also offer a fraud and chargeback prevention service that can be accessed around the clock.

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