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Richard Mishaan is one of the most prolific interior designers and has been practicing the art for the past twenty-five years. Through his vast knowledge in interior design, Mishaan has revolutionized the looks of many people’s homes as well as their furniture besides other things. His venture has experienced tremendous growth over the past years and thus turned out to be a global enterprise. Richard has in recent years served a broad range of clients producing the unique, creative and artistic interior designs.

Richard Mishaan`s designs stand out among all other designs because he employs the ancient art works then blends them with the modern designs in the market. As a result, his designs have out looked the rest and always turn out to be creative and attractive. Besides, Mishaan has a highly experienced team of employees who work in close cooperation together to bring out quality work.

Richard is currently based in NewYork and has worked together with individuals in the area to put out a good result. One of Richards most amendable works is the Cartergina project which attracted him despite its old design. Mishaan decided to renovate it into an amendable building that his family would probably dwell in for a short while. Through his combination of the ancient interior designs with the modern ones, he simplified the layout of the building and organized the rooms before creating the living room with Brazilian wood beams which he later restored.

The houses unique wood doors attract most of his visitors and also the Spanish arched foyer boasts freshly painted walls., which were finished with small gold leafed squares. The floor is veined black marble with ebony well-designed walls. His other project is the transformation of Josh Alexanders home into a stylish family home that impressed him.