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You can only expect to get so far in the tech world without a plan. Bumble was certainly a great idea but it was Whitney Wolfe’s determination that allowed it to reach where it is today. We can look at this app and realize that it’s making something that we haven’t seen before. It’s a dating app where women make the first move in all encounters between men and women. That has changed the way we date and it has potential for the other dating apps out there. There’s going to be a change in the way we do things as this catches on. You don’t need to look very far to see that Bumble is catching on among young people.

It’s got millions of users and it’s poised to take down the rivals out there. Wolfe knows what she’s doing and she has decided to take that to the level it needs to be. She wants to be known for her ability to make a huge impact and she wants people to understand how she came to the idea that Bumble was going to be what it is today. She wants to make it so much more than a dating app.The future of Bumble is going to be amazing as the app continues to rise to the top and brings more people into the fold. People like what she wants to offer and they want to continue to enjoy the various expansions of Bumble. You can now use Bumble to find new friends and career networks.

That makes it more than what it was in the past. It’s now the most popular dating app among college students and it wants to expand to include the older demographics. That’s something that will certainly bring it leagues ahead of the competition.Whitney Wolfe Herd has managed to make so much in such little time. She isn’t even 30 and she has managed to make herself the CEO of a company with the potential to generate billions. Bumble is going to remembered as a defining moment in the culture of America. It has changed the way an entire generation sees social norms and how gender dynamics are going to work. Wolfe had this goal in mind when she created the app and it’s not left her sense. We know what we want to see in the future and we know that she has this.