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Working with Traveling Vineyard offers the unique opportunity of working closely with wine. Those wine enthusiasts who host wine tastings parties where wine is often served can finally make some income from hosting parties they would normally have otherwise. This is the perfect opportunity for college students, stay at home parents, and for those who want to make extra money while socializing with their friends, family, and neighbors. New to the wine tasting scene but an avid fan of some select wines? Turn your hobby into a viable career with some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the direct sales industry by joining Traveling Vineyard.

The process of becoming an official wine guide is simple. All you have to do is fill out an application. Once your paperwork is approved, you will be a member and will be paired up with an expert in the field living near you. They will be your go-to person for all the questions you have pertaining to your new work as a Traveling Vineyard wine guide. You’ll also be given access to tons of study materials and will learn the working party plan created by the masterminds at Traveling Vineyard, ensuring you have a plan to work with from your very first wine tasting event. You’ll be guided by the company every step of the way, until you’re ready to head out on your own from the gained confidence handful of wine tastings on your resume.

Traveling Vineyard was founded back in 2001 from the idea that no one knows if they love wine until they’ve really given it a try. By hosting wine tastings, you will be taking part in a long standing tradition of imparting invaluable knowledge on to your guests that you will learn through Traveling Vineyard’s detailed modules and tests, not to mention through the information you gain from accessing the company’s app.

This company is changing the way people view wine and wine tastings in general. With Traveling Vineyard’s cheerleaders and their involved team of directors, you’ll be encouraged as you grow your wine tasting business fro star to finish.

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